AIFMD Registration and Compliance Infrastructure

AIFMD Registration

Cordium has a dedicated regulatory applications team that will manage the completion of your firm’s AIFM authorisation with the FCA. The authorisation process to become an AIFM will require more comprehensive attention to the business plan describing your: investment strategies, depositary, delegation, risk and liquidity management arrangements; as well as the appropriateness of your disclosures to investors. As the timeline for approving complete applications is only three months, it is imperative that the application is managed by a firm with extensive experience of project managing regulatory applications.

Compliance Infrastructure

Cordium has identified all the documentation updates and new requirements required by the Directive and Level 2 Implementing provisions. We will assist firms with updating their existing compliance infrastructure, the compliance policies, procedures, systems and controls that AIFMs must adopt to meet applicable regulatory obligations and the associated governance standards of the AIFMD.

Our experienced consultants will also assist firms to customise the documentation to their own business requirements on a fixed fee basis.