Preventing harassment in the workplace is one of the most pressing compliance training initiatives for all organizations. Sexual harassment training is mandated in certain states and essential to building a legal defense under the affirmative defense requirements. Regular, high-quality online workplace harassment training, educates employees and raises awareness about harassment, one of the most common forms of employee misconduct, while also helping to build a workplace culture of respect and ethical behavior. Cordium’s video training course raises awareness of discrimination, harassment and abusive conduct and the do’s and don’ts of creating a respectful work environment. It provides your supervisors with the information they need to be proactive in recognizing and reporting misconduct. This short course provides employees with information affecting every industry and every type and size of organization by using quick-hit information and real-life examples that help raise awareness of a variety of discrimination, harassment and abusive conduct issues. It also equips employees with the tools and resources needed to be proactive in recognizing and reporting misconduct.

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Topics covered

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Build a Corporate Culture of Compliance

Cordium offers a suite of online training videos to supplement your employee compliance training program. Our dynamic courses cover a wide variety of critical compliance issues. Cordium can customize training videos specifically for your needs.

Why Companies Choose Cordium Training Courses

In order to create a compliant culture, employees need to be trained to understand company policies or regulatory legislations. Create an engaging learning experience and make an impact with Cordium’s online video training.

Why Choose Cordium?

Engaging: Cordium Online Training Courses are visually compelling with simple design, clear audio narration and concise content to ensure employees absorb and retain the material.

Cost Effective: Our flexible suite of compliance courses can be purchased in a bundle or on an individual basis or included with an annual software