Cordium is a market-leading provider of regulatory compliance consulting services, software and accounting and tax to the asset management and securities industry. We currently support more than 1500 investment businesses. Cordium was initially formed by the merger of The IMS Group, HedgeOp Compliance and Evenwheel Solutions and has offices in London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Malta and Hong Kong.


Cordium is the leading global provider of regulatory compliance consulting, software and accounting and tax services  to the asset management and securities industry. Today, Cordium has offices in London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Malta and Hong Kong and employs more than 180 experienced professionals who support more than 1,500 investment businesses.

Our clients range from start-ups to large firms with well-established track records and utilise a broad array of investment strategies and styles such as: long only, long/short equities, global macro, credit, distressed, bank debt, fixed income, private equity, venture capital, real estate-related and fund of fund strategies.

Our asset management and securities sector focus means we always bring direct, relevant experience to advising our clients, helping them to meet their compliance and regulatory challenges.

With Cordium, the process of meeting regulatory demands can make a positive contribution in the drive towards business excellence, not merely fulfilling an obligation. This turns compliance from a ‘have-to-have’ into a ‘must-have business advantage’.

Regulatory compliance is changing and we are spearheading the change.

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