Built BY compliance professionals, FOR compliance professionals.

The practical compliance experience of the team at Cordium helps us innovate and test all of our software tools.

Pilot assists you in developing and maintaining a comprehensive compliance infrastructure to meet global regulatory requirements. Pilot is an enhanced corporate workflow management tool designed to navigate you through complex compliance and operational tasks and processes from start to finish.

Pilot is centered around an interactive compliance calendar which lets you organize and build your day to day compliance and monitoring tasks into a scalable, dynamic environment where you can track, monitor and evidence your entire compliance program. This allows you to easily report on compliance data and respond to external and internal audit requests.

Cordium’s Employee Level Filing platform, Compliance ELF, is a powerful tool that lets you build a comprehensive compliance intranet for your employees. Compliance ELF gives you one of a kind flexibility to create an employee compliance portal to handle a wide range of employee compliance issues such as: personal trading/dealing monitoring, attestations, gift and political contribution reporting and much more. ELF features over 4,000 electronic broker links.

Our ComplianceTrak software has integrated anti-money laundering (“AML”) and Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP”) watch-list search capabilities which allow you to easily run client, investor and contact names through the LexisNexis WorldCompliance databases using patented match algorithms. ComplianceTrak’s AML and PEP features include: safe-list monitoring, detailed reporting and automated nightly scanning.

"Our new employee on-boarding process is now seamless.  As soon as a new employee starts at the firm, we set them up on Compliance ELF and show them how to use it.  They then complete the required documentation, submit it through Compliance ELF, compliance reviews it and then we are done."

Director of Legal/Compliance , $1.5BN Hedge Fund Manager