ComplianceTrak – Integrated AML & PEP Checks

Cordium’s ComplianceTrak software has integrated anti-money laundering (“AML”) and Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP”) watchlist search capabilities powered by Lexis Nexis meaning you can easily run client, investor and contact names through the WorldCompliance databases using patented match algorithms.

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Features Include:

  • Detailed information about watchlist matches with a “Confidence Score” to help determine whether the match should be investigated further
  • Automatic nightly scanning continuously runs your database of names against the watchlists
  • Email alerts will be sent when new matches occur
  • Names can be added to a “safe list” once cleared
  • Individual names can also be searched for “Know Your Client” purposes
  • An AML Report can be generated to document your searches and results
  • FATF country matching

About WorldCompliance
WorldCompliance, a LexisNexis company, is the largest provider of information on persons and companies of risk in the due diligence industry. Their global research team of over 400 researchers strategically placed in 16 locations around the world continually monitor government and media sources on a global basis to create an ever expanding source of protection against compliance issues.

The WorldCompliance databases that ComplianceTrak utilizes is divided into 5 segments. You can choose to use the full database or specific segments from the following options:

WorldCompliance – Foreign Official List/PEP List (GPL) 
The largest commercial database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in existence, WorldCompliance’s GPL comprises just under 1,300,000 profiles of foreign officials from over 200 jurisdictions. The list not only includes persons elected or appointed to public office, but their family members and close associates, offering comprehensive protection from corrupt politicians. In addition, this database provides over 12,000 State Owned Enterprises as well as over 50,000 of their executives.

WorldCompliance – Global State Owned Enterprise (GSOE)
Database of smaller government owned companies, and executives, over 350,000 in total, to augment the PEP database and enhance anticorruption efforts. Profiles in this category contain basic details on the company as well as executives.

WorldCompliance – Global Sanction List (GSL)
The WorldCompliance Sanctions and Enforcement list contains profiles of entities that are reported by enforcement agencies from around the world. The list identifies entities that are on sanctions lists from around the world, enforcement warnings and actions against entities, excluded entities, and warnings about entities that are at risk of violating non-proliferation regulations. Includes profiles from all major sanction lists (e.g. EU LIST, BOE, UN, OFAC). This Global Sanction List consists of approximately 80,000 profiles of companies and persons who represent the high risk.

WorldCompliance – Global Enforcement List (GEL)
The GEL is comprised of information received from regulatory and governmental authorities, listing the content of warnings and actions against individuals and companies, profiling narcotic traffickers, money launderers, fraudsters, human traffickers, fugitives and other criminals. More than 1,050 enforcement lists are continuously monitored to offer nearly 300,000 profiles.

WorldCompliance – Global adverse Media List (GAL)
Global Adverse Media List is an extensive proprietary database, which is comprised of sourcing public domain news, listing money launderers, fraudsters, arms dealers, narcotic traffickers and other criminals. WorldCompliance monitors in excess of 25,000 newspapers and magazines in more than 20 languages for risk relevant information, providing over 400,000 profiles offering an impressive protection from risk entities, profiled in the public domain.

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