Cordium webinar: Operating in the UK made easy for US Firms

Cordium held a webinar on 31st March 2016 Operating in the UK made easy for US Firms

For managers based in the US, the UK’s local regulatory, taxation and reporting regimes, can seem unfamiliar and feel like a serious barrier to entry to building a presence in the UK. Combine that with regulator-imposed capital requirements and labor-friendly employment legislation, the whole exercise can feel daunting and frustrating.

Cordium has a 20 year history of helping firms to find their way through the maze of local and cross-border issues. Over the years we have deployed our specialist compliance, reporting, tax and prudential resources to complement your internal teams, legal counsel and other advisers. Our clients have been able to start operating in London quickly, whilst being secure in the knowledge that they are compliant with all local requirements, and have a structure that ensures satisfaction of all initial and ongoing regulatory obligations. If speed-to-market is important, or FCA substance requirements are a challenge, Mirabella’s hosting solutions can solve the problem, whether as an indefinite solution or just as a stop gap until either FCA authorisation is granted or the business achieves commercial sustainability.

The webinar discussed the challenges of setting up and operating in London and how Cordium can make it easy.

Cordium was delighted to be joined by guest speaker Karthik Iyer who is the Asset Management and Capital Markets Lead at UK Trade & Investment, a UK government body focussed on inward investment into the UK.

The presentation was followed by a live question and answer session.

Click here to download the presentation.