Health Check Services

Cordium can carry out a review process comprising an assessment of your current compliance arrangements, covering your compliance policies, procedures and monitoring arrangements.  At the end of the review process, we will provide you with details of areas we have covered, a narrative of the responses provided, and a summary of your policy and procedure arrangements. This will detail any areas where weaknesses have been identified or where improvements should be made.

The Compliance Assurance Health Check will be managed by an experienced Cordium Consultant and typically involves:

  • An initial orientation program to get an overview of your firm, its business model and plan; its activities and how it is structured;
  • Assess the compliance policies and procedures that exist for compliance with FCA rules and published guidance;
  • An assessment of the compliance monitoring framework and compliance management information provided to the Board covering:
    • General Compliance
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Marketing/Client Take-On
    • Prudential Requirements
    • Investment Compliance
    • Investment Operations and Administration (where relevant)
    • SYSC Compliance
  • Provide a comprehensive summary of the work undertaken including relevant observations and recommendations to rectify any weaknesses identified.