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Build a Corporate Culture of Compliance

The Cordium Code of Conduct online training course was developed to support and supplement your written Code of Conduct or employee policy handbook. This training course provides a basic understanding of your policies and procedures with an emphasis on integrity in the workplace. Through the use of sound effects and illustrations, the training provides a painless experience to ensure employees understand and retain pertinent information.

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The course includes the following modular sections:
  • Reporting violations & Non-Retaliation
  • Conflict of interest
  • Gifts and Entertainment Policy (FCPA)
  • Insider trading
  • Personal Trading
  • Advertising & Marketing rules
  • IT systems & Social media
  • Record keeping
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Political & Charitable Contributions
  • Confidential data privacy

Why Choose Cordium Online Training?

  • Optional online distribution for employees to view and certify completion at their own pace; or use within your existing Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Videos may be “tailored” to the employee’s job function and organizational assignment such as private or public or multi-national;
  • Videos can be quickly and easily be modified to meet your immediate needs or changes in regulation.
  • Cordium online training courses offer flexibility and efficiencies while saving time and cost.

Short video clips are available to follow the original video course to reinforce important policies and procedures to prevent corruption.

Additional Courses Offered Include:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Anti-Bribery / FCPA Compliance
  • Data Privacy
  • Insider Trading
  • Corporate Policy Awareness

About Cordium

Cordium is the leading global provider of regulatory compliance consulting, software and accounting and tax services to the asset management and securities industry. Today, Cordium supports more than 1,500 businesses. Our clients range from start-ups to large firms with well-established track records. This puts us in a unique position to understand a wide variety of compliance training needs.
With Cordium, the process of meeting regulatory demands can make a positive contribution in the drive towards business excellence—it’s more than merely fulfilling an obligation. This turns compliance from a ‘have-to-have’ into a ‘must-have business advantage’. Regulatory compliance is changing and we are spearheading the change.

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