Brexit Solutions

Brexit undoubtedly raises some serious challenges for the global financial services industry operating from the UK, a key one being access to EU investors using either the MiFID or AIFMD marketing passports.

UCITS managers have additional challenges as they could find that their funds are no longer regarded as UCITS, meaning that they would lose the ability to distribute them in Europe, as the concept of third country passporting does not exist in the UCITS Directive.  Businesses should be working with their lawyers and advisers now to identify where Brexit may affect their business and devise a Brexit plan which addresses the impact on the firm’s people, systems and processes as well as the regulatory, fiscal and legal position. Some firms may find that they have little to do while others may have to redefine their operating model.

Cordium has a strong belief in the resilience and resourcefulness of the industry is and confident it will find ways to ensure that business continues to flourish. We have some options for firms to consider now as they plan for Brexit. These may be useful components of your plan, which we would be delighted to discuss with you.

"Cordium’s ability to understand the diverse and ever changing industry framework as well as the ability to provide focused,  detailed and one-on-one expertise has been invaluable to our compliance program. The leadership qualities of Cordium's consultants are also to be recognized. Cordium values us as if we were partners rather than clients, this attitude goes a long way in assisting us in our compliance obligations."

Chief Compliance Officer, US Multi-billion Dollar Hedge Fund Manager