New regulation analysis and implementation

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) is a significant regulatory change that Cordium has been tracking for many years and months. Cordium will conduct gap analyses for firms to help them understand the impact and implications of the new regulations. We track the new requirements as closely as possible, working with the regulator and HM Treasury in order that the necessary change can be implemented with as little fuss and fanfare as is possible, proportionate to the degree of impact and foundation in common sense the rules contain.

Cordium also covers regulatory change that affects other parts of our industry and has proved a reliable and candid partner when assessing the impact or regulatory change. We undertook a retail distribution review gap analysis for the wealth management arm of a well-known alternative manager and assessed a UK bank’s readiness for RDR implementation as it entered the critical delivery phase of its implementation. Click here to read more.

We track other regulatory developments, EMIR, short selling rules, MiFID 2, in a similar manner, avoiding hyperbole,  preferring to ensure our clients can be confident in our ability to deliver regulatory change when it’s required. We have provided UCITS compliance materials to major UK investment management firms and undertake UCITS compliance monitoring at numerous firms including large investment managers and NEWCITS providers. We advise firms in the regulatory pitfalls of marketing UCITS in the UK.