Risk Services

Mirabella provides a range of risk services to help its clients to comply with European regulatory directives and corporate governance.Cordium-Slinky

1. Risk consulting services
We provide independent risk consulting services on a project-led basis or periodically. This includes:

  • AIFM risk management gap analysis
  • Risk governance, policies and procedures
  • Independent members of risk committees
  • Analysis of risk systems, both internal and external

2. Outsourced risk management for an AIFM wishing to delegate its risk

  • We can supply an entire risk package for firms who cannot demonstrate the existence of a suitable risk management function; or
  • We can take over an existing firm’s risk process and manage it independently.

We do not dictate risk levels or policies, but rather we allow the firm to agree these with its clients. Our role is strictly to enforce whatever has been agreed independently.