Here at Cordium Recruitment we understand that it is important for us to thoroughly understand your needs as well as our client’s requirements. This is why we take the time to discuss your background in detail and get to knowCordium-Rubber-Bands what your motivations and career aspirations are. We will provide advice along the way to make sure you are always maximising your chances of getting your ideal role.

We pride ourselves on our extensive network and we want to work with you not only now but also in the future to maintain and expand this, so we understand that it is imperative we meet your needs. We seek to go far beyond matching a CV to a job specification and believe that getting to know you in person is invaluable when finding the right firm, job and culture to suit you.

We will work with you to ensure that your CV is well presented. Prior to interviews we take the time to fully prepare you on the client, role and what to expect as we want you to stand the best chance of getting the job. Clients today seek strong interpersonal skills as well as technical experience so we will also give you guidance on how to demonstrate these.

We work with many of Cordium’s consulting clients who often prioritise us for recruitment needs over other agencies, as well as having our own strong network of contacts who we have worked with over the years.