Most investment firms have sparse experience of IT when they set up their business....

Technology is a difficult thing to get right and cyber security is increasingly a major topic of concern for our clients, their investors and the Regulator.

The FCA Principles and the SYSC handbook in particular have important implications on the way that firms implement IT Systems.  This extends from technology and cyber security through to requirements around data retention, business continuity and supplier due diligence.

To provide specific industry experience our customers we have to partnered with IP Sentinel, who have a broad experience in the regulated IT space, to provide a range of services to our clients from start-up support through to

"Our new employee on-boarding process is now seamless.  As soon as a new employee starts at the firm, we set them up on Compliance ELF and show them how to use it.  They then complete the required documentation, submit it through Compliance ELF, compliance reviews it and then we are done."

Director of Legal/Compliance , $1.5BN Hedge Fund Manager