Helping you develop an effective information and cybersecurity program

Cordium’s Cybersecurity and Data Protection Consulting Services are designed to assist advisers, banks, and other industries to assess their cybersecurity risks, threats, and preparedness against a cyber incident, and the potential consequences should an incident occur. Cordium has developed a practical assessment approach in line with the SEC, NFA, CFTC, FFIEC, OCC, NYDFS, and other regulators’  cybersecurity guidance and requirements.

"Cordium’s ability to understand the diverse and ever changing industry framework as well as the ability to provide focused,  detailed and one-on-one expertise has been invaluable to our compliance program. The leadership qualities of Cordium's consultants are also to be recognized. Cordium values us as if we were partners rather than clients, this attitude goes a long way in assisting us in our compliance obligations."

Chief Compliance Officer, US Multi-billion Dollar Hedge Fund Manager