Research and reporting

Cordiums’s Due Diligence Research and Reporting Division works with fund of hedge funds and other institutional investors toCordium-Glass-Marble create a record-keeping system for researching and evaluating funds and assisting managers in the development of a due diligence infrastructure.

Utilizing a variety of online resources combined with our experience with fund documentation, structures, and operations, our trained research team performs extensive non-investment due diligence on potential hedge fund managers and underlying funds. Our research capabilities extend to good standing entity checks to ensure that all required formalities have been adhered to in connection with the formation and continued operation of any underlying funds, and can include:

  • SEC EDGAR filings research
  • Relative news articles research
  • Regulatory filings/professional license research
  • FINRA violations or disciplinary issues research
  • Web-based public record research (e.g. bankruptcy, civil and criminal filings, judgments/liens, UCC filings, mortgage/property transaction filings)

Currently our due diligence services include the following types of reports:

  • Offering Document Review and Summary Reports
  • Public Records Research Report
  • Entity Good Standing Check Reports
  • Verification Records Report
  • Credit Check Report (if applicable and consent is provided)
  • Form ADV Summary Review Report
  • Anti-Money Laundering Watch-List Review Report
  • Annual or Biennial Public Records Research Reports

Each of our reports are tailored to meet the individual needs of our client and Cordium continuously refines our processes, procedures and reports to ensure that we are offering the best services to our clients.

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