Regulatory Registration Services - Cordium

Whether launching a firm, or an individual practice, applying to be authorized by the regulator in the relevant jurisdiction is one of the first steps needed in beginning any financial services operation.

There are other things to consider, too. What should be included in the business plan that may need to be submitted to supervisors? What compliance infrastructure will need to be evidenced to the regulator? Is a business continuity plan needed?

Without the right expertise, gaining approval can be time-consuming, impact project costs, and distract management from other key parts of the initiative. Partnering with experts who know the jurisdiction, regulator, and process can help make sure the new venture gets off on the right foot.


Cordium has helped thousands of organizations and individuals from around the world register successfully over the past two decades – including hedge funds, institutional asset managers, wholesale firms, and single investment advisors.

Financial Conduct Authority

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Exempt Reporting Advisors (ERA) registration.
  • Applications to become a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) member.
  • Registration with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a commodity pool operator (CPO) and/or commodity trading advisor (CTA).

Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA)

Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)

For successful applications, organizations must present a range of documentation to regulators and also often create required compliance infrastructure – so this can be evidenced to supervisors. Ensuring that the paperwork is filled out correctly, and that the compliance infrastructure meets the required standard is essential – and fraught with potential pitfalls. Compliance teams that partner with Cordium:

  • Work with expert consultants with long experience with applications
  • Ensure the application is completed with minimal resources and no errors
  • Let Cordium undertake the time-consuming task of liaising with other service providers, such as law firms
  • Receive a detailed review of existing procedures, operational/practical issues, and a Compliance Manual and Code of Ethics
  • Get a tailored compliance calendar outlining compliance/regulatory tasks on a monthly basis
  • Receive appropriate advice on marketing and pre-approval awareness-raising activities
  • Conduct employee compliance training sessions with Cordium trainers
  • Begin a good working relationship with the regulator
  • Shorten the application process time from start to approval


Applications and infrastructure are tailored to the specific requirements of each firm or individual. Cordium’s team of legal, compliance, and process experts can provide a range of levels of service, depending on budget, resources, and time scales, including:

  • Project-managed, full services registration submission: Cordium manages the entire application process, from the initial risk assessment and development of a regulatory business plan, to preparation of all of the necessary paperwork and liaising with key stakeholders such as the legal team.
  • Registration Pack Completion and Business Plan Review: Cordium can provide project management that is tailored to each organization’s requirements. Experts would review the business plan and assemble an application pack for submission to the regulator.
  • Train, Review and Support the Registration: Cordium’s experts train organizations to better understand its detailed licensing requirements. Firms can write up their own business plan and application following Cordium’s detailed guidance and templates. Cordium can review the plan and forms.

Once registration is approved, many firms choose to continue working with Cordium, to help the firm stay compliant as it grows and evolves over time.


Every new firm or expansion into a new jurisdiction is different. Some new ventures may have a need to get things going as soon as possible – even while regulatory applications are still being processed. That’s why Cordium’s Registration Support Services team often collaborate with Mirabella – Cordium’s regulatory hosting service. Mirabella supports new ventures by providing a regulatory umbrella for them to operate under until a new license is approved.  Mirabella’s team provides the infrastructure needed for new ventures to offer advisory or investment management services, or to market a new product. Together, Registration Support Services and Mirabella help firms get to market quickly – and correctly.