Over the past two decades, a wide range of financial services firms around the globe have turned to Cordium for help with their compliance and operational issues. Cordium’s teams of experts help firms at every stage, from start-up to the issues growth and maturity can present.

Cordium’s consultants also understand that every financial services firm is different – with its own challenges and opportunities. They listen, and provide the right solutions for each individual engagement. Explore how Cordium has helped different types of firms below.


Asset Management Solutions - Cordium

Asset Managers are confronted with a wide range of compliance challenges today. The nature of these challenges can vary from jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction – ensuring ongoing compliance can involve considerable complexity. Cordium’s team of experts have deep expertise across a range of specializations and asset management solutions, from emerging regulation, cyber security, reporting, tax and compliance processes.


Bank Compliance - Cordium

Banks today are faced with a range of unprecedented challenges. From maintaining the right culture to demonstrating a robust cybersecurity infrastructure, compliance teams can struggle to keep up with all of the demands placed upon them. Banks can partner with Cordium to create or improve compliance processes, embed software solutions, and drive an enhanced approach to cyber risk.


Broker Dealers - Cordium

The compliance landscape is constantly shifting for broker-dealers today. New rules, increased enforcement pressures, and a dynamic business environment all can make managing compliance very challenging. Cordium has helped broker-dealers manage a wide range of challenges – from tackling specific remedial regulatory projects to implementing software solutions that will ensure ongoing compliance is quick and simple to perform. As well, cyber security consulting services can help ensure the broker dealer’s systems are safe, secure, and in line with new rules about data protection that are coming in force around the globe.


Investment Advisors - Cordium

Never has it been more important for investment advisers to be sure they are compliant with the range of rules that apply to their organization. With the velocity of regulatory change constantly accelerating, it can be hard to keep on top of the latest requirements. Cordium can help put a compliance process right, or effectively enhance one through a new approach or software. The team can also provide training, and outsourced services for reporting, tax, and other requirements.


Private Fund Managers - Cordium

Private equity firms are coming under increased regulatory scrutiny and being subjected to oversight, enforcement action and deficiency findings by global regulators. As a result, the private equity industry has had to provide greater transparency to investors around conflicts of interest. Cordium offers a wide range of governance, risk and compliance services that not only help our clients comply with evolving regulatory obligations, but also promote best practices in their operations.


Private Fund Managers - Cordium

Private fund managers are very conscious of the potential fallout from failing to manage compliance risk properly. Cordium is able to address compliance requirments for the hedge funds, private equity groups and other private fund management groups. From starting a new fund on the right footing with regulators, to embedding regulatory change processes through both consulting and technology. Firms in the UK can also outsource tax, reporting and payroll functions, and engage with Mirabella’s regulatory hosting services.