Compliance workflow management to help navigate your team

Developed by our compliance experts, Pilot assists you in creating and maintaining a comprehensive compliance infrastructure to meet global regulatory requirements. Pilot is an enhanced corporate workflow management tool designed to navigate you through complex compliance and operational tasks and processes from start to finish.

Pilot Compliance Calendar - Cordium


Pilot is centered on an interactive compliance calendar that lets you organize and build your day to day compliance and monitoring tasks into a scalable, dynamic environment where you can track, monitor and evidence your entire compliance program. This allows you to easily report on compliance data and respond to external and internal audit requests.

  • Our knowledge. Your calendar. Pilot gives you regulatory background data to handle SEC, FCA, SFC, AIFMD, CFTC, FINRA requirements, and more. Our suggested task libraries contain detailed regulatory background information that is updated as global regulations change.
  • Never forget a task again. Automated emails remind you of compliance tasks before they occur. Past due reminders will notify you each day that a particular task is overdue.
  • Your data. Your way. Pilot lets you create multiple calendars to organize tasks for different jurisdictions, different business lines or even for individual users. Complex user permissioning gives you flexibility to bring various employees into the application to complete their own parts of the compliance program.
  • Create your audit trail. Pilot allows you to mark tasks as completed, add detailed task notes, and upload documents so that a compliance audit trail is created for you, putting compliance reporting at your fingertips.


Pilot puts volumes of data at your fingertips. Our lightning fast global search capabilities allow you to pull data from the calendar, uploaded documents, workflows and more.

Compliance Program Monitoring - Cordium


Process-driven workflows can be used to document your specific processes and help automate your tasks. Workflows can be as simple as a questionnaire and as complex as a multi-step, action-driven lifecycle.

Compliance Workflows - Cordium


In a global regulatory world it is imperative that firms can stay on top of their compliance program. We understand exactly what is needed to help you stay on top of all your regulatory obligations. In Pilot we have created a living, breathing tool designed for compliance professionals. Pilot generates valuable documentation to help you prepare for regulatory audits, report to senior management and help evidence your culture of compliance to clients and investors. With Pilot, it’s never been easier.


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